Professional Associations

As a holistic lifestyle coach, I believe that part of my commitment to you as my client, is my continued professional development.

Therefore, I am registered with a range of Professional Associations. Their standards of practice mean that I remain accountable to a governing body, and also continue my professional education. As a result, you are guaranteed the best possible treatment in a safe and professional environment.

In order to register with any of the associations below, I am required to comply with their Code of Conduct, and maintain a Professional Ongoing Education Portfolio. To maintain my accreditation as a Natural Fertility NZ Educator I must comply with the NFNZ Continuing Competence criteria, and may be audited yearly.


Clinical Nutrition Association

The Clinical Nutrition Association was established in 2009 to act as an umbrella organisation for Clinical Nutritionists around New Zealand, and keenly conveys the properties and benefits of good health to the public.

Natural Health Practitioners NZ

The Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand is a leading professional Natural Healthcare Practitioner Register in New Zealand.

Natural Fertility NZ

NFNZ Educators provide education on Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning to individuals, couples, medical professionals and also offer community education.



Reiko O’Hara Dip. Acupuncture
Cocoro Japanese Acupuncture & Meridian Shiatsu, combined with Cupping, Tuning Forks & Okyu Therapy

Ph: 027 350 9101 (txt only)

Acupuncture can help increase your fertility. It is a powerful and gentle treatment which has helped countless men and women with a wide range of fertility concerns. It can either be used as the main therapy, or as support for treatments like IVF, IUI, and ICSI.

Herbalist - Ashly Flora

Ashly Olsen B.Sc., Human Nutrition; B.S. Nat. & Herb. Medicine; Natural Fertility NZ Educator

Ph: 027 950 3821

Ashly is an experienced herbalist, naturopath and nutritionist who also works in the field of reproductive health. We work collaboratively to ensure you have the best herbal support for your condition.


Ishtar Rasheen Dip.G.Psych, Cert.Clin.Supr, Cert. I.P.P., GINZ, NZAC

Ph: 027 433 2636

Physical health and mental or emotional health are deeply connected. As an experienced psychotherapist, Ishtar can help you work through any underlying issues which may be impacting your physical health and/or holding you back from truly experiencing radiant whole body health.

Organic Alternatives

For those of you who understand that toxicity is one of the main underlying factors of ill health, I would like to encourage you to choose to remove as many of those environmental toxins from your world as possible. This section will help you find organic alternatives which reduce the toxic load on your body.

The Lotus Heart Restaurant

A fantastic place to eat, breakfast, lunch or, on Friday and Saturday nights, dinner. If you are following one of my healthy eating plans, or you are looking for food which nourishes you, body, mind and spirit, you will have lots of lovely meal options to choose from when you visit The Lotus Heart.

Liberty Market

Your one-stop shopping convenience for all your organic food needs: great variety, reasonable prices and on-site organic bakery. They have over 8,000 products from fresh fruit and veg through to breakfast cereals, meat, eggs, personal care, baby care, cleaning products, gardening, pet food and bulk foods.


Piko’s provides an outlet for organically grown produce – vegetables, grains, beans, dried fruits, nuts, herbs and spices. Plus their new shop has won design awards!


Ooooby delivers fresh local, organic food to you. Find a fruit & veg box that’s right for you, or pick and choose, then add other products such as bread or eggs. Your produce is delivered to your door the same day every week.

Soul Style Organic Hair Salon

Chemicals used in hair dye have been linked to various forms of cancer and other health problems. It makes sense to stop using toxic mainstream salon/supermarket hair dyes and think about alternatives. De Anna and the team at Soul Style honour their commitment to a truly holistic experience through the use of the best quality organic hair products.

Antipodes Skin & Body Care Products

Purchased from Farmers and Health 2000

Certified organic skincare, free from chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Their products are 100% natural; with 70 to 95% organic ingredients and the remaining ingredients meet strict international standards.