QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis)

Discover what a QRA practitioner can do for you.

To complement my work as a Clinical Nutritionist and Natural Fertility Educator, I have obtained a qualification as a professional QRA practitioner in Christchurch. QRA or Quantum Reflex Analysis is one of the main tools I use in clinic.

But what exactly is QRA?

QRA is a simple, safe, effective assessment tool designed to identify your unique nutritional needs, specific immune-specific requirements and to identify and clear physical and emotional blockages that prevent normal body function and flow, leading to ongoing health issues.

QRA practitioners use a clinically verified advanced form of kinesiology called modified Bi-Digital O-Ring testing to find the root cause of a client’s chief complaint.

The ultimate goal of QRA testing and QRA body therapies is to rejuvenate the whole body by correcting imbalances long before they manifest as disease and ill health.

Areas in which I Use My Expertise as a QRA Practitioner in Christchurch

QRA & Quality Nutritional Supplementation

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your body could tell you exactly what nutrients it is deficient in, what effect this is having on your body, and exactly which nutrients it needs to heal? Well, that form of nutritional testing is exactly what QRA is able to do.

Consulting me as a QRA practitioner, you can precisely identify your nutritional deficiencies and determine the best combination of nutritional formulas to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet. This way you can provide your body with the optimum nutrition for healing and health.

Here at Give Me Life, I use clinically tested, practitioner-only, professional nutritional supplements from BioTrace and Premier Research Laboratories for nutritional balancing. These nutritional supplements are made from top-quality, live-source produce that are bio-compatible. They are 100% excipient-free (no toxic fillers, binders, preservatives, talcum powder, flowing agents or glues), and are free from magnesium stearate, and animal glandulars and hormones.

QRA & Clay Packing Therapy

Bentonite clay packing (or mud packing) is an external detox clay treatment that uses highly absorbent clays to draw toxins out from the body through the skin. Healing with clay packing is a fast and efficient method of detoxification, which reduces stress placed on the detoxification organs.

Using Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), we can determine which specific areas of the body are being affected by residual trauma, apply a bio-compatible bentonite clay pack to the area for approximately 10 minutes and then test to ensure that healing and restored energy flow have resulted.

QRA & ERT (Emotional Repolarisation Technique)

Emotional Repolarisation Technique (ERT) is an extremely simple, yet incredibly effective, non-invasive method of identifying and eliminating emotional burdens, which can prevent healing in the body.

Using Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), the emotional burden(s) can be identified and repolarised using this non-invasive ERT system. Emotional trauma can be cleared within 21 days of consecutive Emotional Repolarisation Technique therapy, which takes only a few minutes per day and can be done in the comfort of your home or office.