Below you will find individual prices for various types of consultations you can choose from and you will also find discounted package deals designed to provide you with the best support possible in achieving your health and wellness goal(s).

Initial Consultation & Full Health Evaluation (2 Hours) $180.00

Meeting you and getting to know all about your health and lifestyle are a vital part of creating a personalised strategy for your optimal wellness. During this initial intake consultation, we will focus on your health history, identify your goals, complete a full health evaluation and create a treatment plan so you leave feeling fully informed about your health condition(s), and ready to begin. I also spend a lot of time behind the scene ensuring your treatment plan is tailored for your unique requirements.

Moving Forward Consultation (60-Mins) $90.00 (with QRA (75-Mins) $120.00) 

The Moving Forward consultation is designed as a follow-up to your initial consult. We will identify any changes to your clinical presentation and health status since you first began on your health journey, reassess your health goal(s), and revise your treatment plan. These consults give you the opportunity to discuss any challenges, and enable us to fine-tune your treatment plan every month or so, keeping you inspired and motivated.

Stay Focused Consultation (25-minutes) $40.00

If you feel that you need a little weekly inspiration, motivation and accountability, Stay Focused is for you. Pop in for a chat about how your week is going, discuss any challenges and weigh-in if your goal is weight management. Purchasing 4 x Stay Focused consultations at once will save you 10%.

Love Your Life Consultation (1 Hour) $90.00

Health isn’t just about what you eat, it is also about how you think, and how you live. Our health is heavily influenced by out thoughts, attitudes, life choices, stress levels, etc. These intimate one-on-one sessions are deeply moving for those who are ready to dive deeper and life more vibrantly. Experience the difference that Emotional Repolarisation Technique can make in your life. Purchasing 4 x Love Your Life Consults at once will save you 10%.

Bentonite Clay Packing Therapy – Initial Consult (2 Hours) $160.00

Your initial clay packing consult will be quite in-depth as we work together using QRA to discover specific interference fields at the root of old injury pain, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, sinus conditions, etc. Relieve these conditions as our highly absorbent mineral clay draws toxins out of your body through the skin, clearing interference fields and re-establishing circulation of energy. Clay packing works brilliantly in conjunction with Emotional Repolarisation Technique (ERT).

Bentonite Clay Packing Therapy – Follow-Up Consult (1.5 Hours) $110.00

Follow-up clay packing consultations may be required depending upon the number of interference fields generated by old injuries. Having already documented all interference fields during your initial consult, we are now free to continue clearing them with our highly absorbent mineral clay’s. Clearing interference fields in your body generally reduces the need for nutritional supplements. Clay packing is an effective way of relieving pain, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, sinus conditions, and much, much more …