Fix Hormonal Imbalance

Alternatives to HRT let you balance hormones naturally. 

How do you fix hormonal imbalance and the dilapidating symptoms that go with it? While female hormones are complex, the answer is simple: we need to rebalance your body systems. When your body is functioning correctly, hormones properly regulate themselves. 

Hormones are chemical substances secreted by glands to target organs via the bloodstream. 3 of the most important female hormones (which affect your brain, body, stress & weight) are: 

  • Cortisol. Your main source of focus and function when you are under acute stress. However, chronic stress can send levels ricocheting from too high to too low. 
  • Thyroid. Affects your metabolism, keeps you energised, comfortably warm & at a manageable weight. 
  • Oestrogen. A group of sex hormones responsible for keeping women lubricated, joyous & sexually active. 

These main players alongside several others influence your interests, mood, libido, sleep and appetite. Functioning together and independently, they impact: 

If you struggle with hormonal imbalance and are looking for alternatives to HRT to balance hormones naturally, I am here to help. I can support you to fix hormonal imbalance using simple yet powerful techniques. You don’t need to settle for anything less than feeling fully alive and joyous before, during and after middle age.  

“It’s easier to rebalance your hormones than to live with the misery of hormonal imbalances”  – Dr. Sara Gottfried

Balance Hormones Naturally—How I can help

As a Clinical Nutritionist with a specific clinical focus on women’s hormonal health, I will work with you using simple yet powerful holistic treatments to fix hormonal imbalance by … 

  1. Completing a thorough Clinical Assessment of your health history, diet & lifestyle 
  2. Using cutting-edge DUTCH hormonal testing to evaluate your current hormone balance (see links below) 
  3. Teaching you how to reset your hormonal balance through dietary & lifestyle changes 
  4. Providing you with nutritional supplementation designed to balance hormones naturally 

Let’s fix hormonal imbalance by finding the root causes of your symptoms. Let me help you make the life-giving changes required to bring you to a more relaxed relationship with your body, diet and weight. You deserve nothing less than a superb working memory, restorative sleep, increased zest for life and graceful, joyous living.     

DUTCH website for patient information: 

DUTCH Complete Information sheet: 


Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is one of the most common hormonal health disorders I see in clinic. Learn how to rest your adrenal glands and restore your hormonal balance and vitality with diet, lifestyle changes and supplementation. 

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Thyroid Issues

Whether you need help with thyroid problems originating from overactive or underactive thyroid function, or whether you are struggling with excessive cortisol production interfering with your thyroid function, I can help. 

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You can reverse Type II Diabetes, even if you are currently on insulin. Let me teach you how to fuel your body in a way that results in insulin sensitivity so you can live a life without injections and/or medications. 

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Reproductive Disorders

The root cause for reproductive disorders are often hormonal imbalances. This means you can address infertility issues by resetting your hormonal balance. Let me show you how!

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