Holistic Treatment for Diabetes

Reverse diabetes with a powerful whole-body approach. 

Whether you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, pre- or Type II Diabetes, my holistic treatment for diabetes can help you reverse diabetes. 

To help your body with a holistic treatment for diabetes, it’s important to first know what’s currently going wrong. Women with insulin resistance, pre- or Type II Diabetes usually have enough insulin, a hormone that unlocks cell membranes so they can absorb nutrients, including glucose. However, in your case, glucose is not able to pass from your bloodstream into your body’s cells. Instead, it builds up in your blood. 

Why isn't glucose passing to your cells?

Think about a simple door lock and imagine someone jams chewing gum into it. There’s nothing wrong with either the key or the lock itself. But to make the door work, you need to clean the lock out. That is exactly what reversing diabetes is about. 

But what does the chewing gum stand for in this analogy? It’s fat. Fat from animal products blocks up your cell receptors (the lock) and this means that insulin (the key) is unable to attach to the receptors as they are already filled with fat. If your insulin can’t connect to your cell receptors, glucose is unable to enter the cell, and it becomes stuck in your bloodstream—high blood glucose levels. This is called insulin resistance and is the beginning of the slippery slope to pre-diabetes, and Type II Diabetes. 

Your pancreas then continuously pumps out more and more insulin to try and lower your blood glucose levels. But eventually, the pancreas becomes sluggish, losing its ability to produce enough insulin. This results in full-blown insulin-dependent Type II Diabetes [1]. 

How did the fat get there?

To provide extra energy for physical activity, muscle cells store a tiny amount of fat. Your cells have microscopic ‘burners’ (mitochondria) that usually metabolise this fat and convert it into energy. However, if you steadily accumulate fat, it’s a sign that your ‘burners’ are becoming sluggish. Worse still, the ‘burners’ can even disappear. People with Type II Diabetes have fewer mitochondria than they need to burn the accumulating fat.   

Interestingly, your diet either decreases or increases the amount of mitochondria in each of your cells. Highly fatty foods make your body pack fat into your cells surprisingly rapidly. They even turn off the genes that would help burn fat: mitochondria-producing genes are partially disabled when you eat fatty animal foods, resulting in a decelerating ability to eliminate fat inside your cells [2]. 

“Our ancestors did not find fatty foods growing on trees – or at least not many of them” – Dr. Neil Barnard

Can I get rid of this fat in an attempt of reversing diabetes?

YES, absolutely! It only takes 3 weeks of changing the way you eat to get rid of the excess fat blocking your cell receptors and power up your mitochondria! With my holistic plant-based treatment for diabetes, you can turn on those little burners to eliminate fat [3]. 

Holistic Treatment for Diabetes—How I Can Help

Reversing diabetes is all about eating in a way that eliminates excess fat from your cells and increases your mitochondrial power. This means eating a plant-based diet. You can reverse Type II Diabetes, even if you are currently on insulin. Let me teach you how to fuel your body in a way that results in increased insulin sensitivity. Implementing my diabetes treatment action plan means you can live a life without injections and/or medications. 


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