Fertility while Breastfeeding

Congratulations, you have your wonderful, healthy new baby!

But you are concerned about the possibility of returning fertility and don’t want to use a chemical contraceptive to prevent pregnancy as you understand that synthetic hormones may interfere with your ability to breastfeed; and even worse pose a risk to your beautiful new child’s long-term health (synthetic hormones and other chemicals are passed onto baby directly through your breast milk).

So, what’s a girl to do?

As a Natural Fertility NZ Educator, I am accredited to teach you how to use the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) to delay the return of fertility after giving birth; or the Partial Breastfeeding Charting Method to determine returning fertility.

I can teach you how your particular breastfeeding pattern impacts on your fertility and help you to decide which natural contraceptive method is best suited to you.

By working with me you can learn to feel confident in preventing conception naturally by following evidence-based breastfeeding guidelines. You will know when your fertility is returning, and you can continue using chemical-free contraceptive methods to track your fertility to prevent pregnancy naturally.

The LAM & Partial Breastfeeding Charting Method guidelines are:

  • 98% effective when taught by an accredited NFNZ educator (similar to the mini-pill)
  • Evidence based, endorsed by the World Health Organisation, and Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Drug free – it does not interfere with your milk production

I provide:

  • Private and personalised support for Mum’s with new babies
  • Expertise in use of the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method to delay your return of fertility after giving birth
  • Expertise in the use of the Partial Breastfeeding Charting Method to determine your return to fertility
  • Expertise in the use of the Sympto-Thermal Method to prevent pregnancy naturally once fertility has returned
  • Ongoing support for 12-months

It doesn’t matter if you gave birth a matter of days, weeks or months ago. Book an appointment with me today and learn to successfully prevent pregnancy naturally after childbirth.

For more information on the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method