Fertility while Breastfeeding

I will be doing advanced Natural Fertility NZ training in November 2018 to become accredited in the Lactation Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) which can be used to delay the return of fertility after giving birth.

Once qualified, I will teach you how your particular breastfeeding pattern impacts on your fertility and help you to decide the best contraceptive method for you.

I will meet with you 3 times; before you have your baby, after birth, at 6 months:

  • 98% effective when taught by an accredited NFNZ educator (similar to the mini-pill)
  • Evidence based, endorsed by the World Health Organisation, and Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Drug free – it does not interfere with your milk production
  • Private and personalised support for individuals and couples
  • Expertise in interpreting your unique cycle
  • Ongoing support

In the meantime, feel free to contact my colleague Cassandra Wootton, who is an experienced NFNZ Educator who can teach you this successful way of preventing pregnancy naturally after childbirth.