I am a Natural Fertility Educator, Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach with a holistic approach.




Whether you need a lifestyle coach to take menopause in your stride, a Natural Fertility Educator to overcome problems conceiving, or whether you need a clinical nutritionist to learn how to have plenty of energy without relying on caffeine or sugar, I can help. 

I’m Karen, and I love what I do! 


My Own Journey

My health and nutrition journey began when I had my first son. My energy and zest for life disappeared overnight, leaving me feeling constantly tired, irritable and anxious. I just couldn’t find the balance I took for granted prior to having a child. I turned to food (particularly sweet foods) to try and increase my energy. This lead to weight gain, blood glucose crashes, more anxiety and an unhappy mother and wife. 

20-odd years ago, I neither talked to a clinical nutritionist nor lifestyle coach—the tipping point for me was meeting a karitane nurse who realised I was struggling. She gave me a simple piece of advice: “Stop eating biscuits every half-hour as your blood sugar will skyrocket and then plummet soon after. Instead, eat nuts and fruit, and you will feel stable energy for longer.” That was my aha moment; what I was putting into my body made a difference between joy and vitality, or chronic fatigue. I promptly went on to lose 16 kg and felt like a new woman! 

My Qualifications

As I raised my children, my passion for nutrition, women’s health and wellbeing grew. All around me I saw amazing women who were struggling with day-to-day life. All because they didn’t have the knowledge or support they needed to feel energised and genuinely content. I began studying to become a Clinical Nutritionist in 2012 and have gained the following qualifications: 

  • Certificate in Anatomy & Physiology – Naturopathic College of NZ 2013 
  • Diploma in Nutritional Science – Naturopathic College of NZ (Merit Student) Nov 2016 
  • Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition – Cornell University 2017 

As I qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist, I became aware of a growing problem with fertility. However, I know through my studies that many issues of so-called ‘unexplained infertility’ can be resolved with dietary and lifestyle changes. So I went on to train as a Natural Fertility Educator and focused on women’s hormonal health. After a further year of study I have gained a further qualification: 

  • Natural Fertility NZ Educator (Accredited through Natural Fertility NZ) Nov 2017 

The area of women’s hormonal health and natural fertility are both fascinating and complex. To work in this area takes dedication and continuous up-skilling in the latest research. But it is so worth it, when I see women return for their second visit with me and they’re glowing with excitement because they are feeling better; or I am told that a couple, previously unable to conceive, are now expecting their first child. I feel that working as a Natural Fertility Educator is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. 

Further Qualifications: QRA, Clay Packing & ERT

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis)

Since 2014 I am a qualified QRA practitioner. QRA is a simple, safe, effective assessment tool designed to identify your unique nutritional needs, specific immune-specific requirements and to identify and clear physical and emotional blockages that prevent normal body function and flow, leading to ongoing health issues.

QRA practitioners use a clinically verified advanced form of kinesiology called modified Bi-Digital O-Ring testing to find the root cause of a client’s chief complaint.


Clay Packing Therapy

In clinic, I use bentonite clay packing (or mud packing) as an external detox treatment. Healing with clay packing is a fast and efficient method of detoxification, which reduces stress placed on the detoxification organs.

When a client has recently experienced some kind of physical injury to their body they are generally left with ongoing pain, inflammation and irritation. Clay packing is a fantastic way to encourage blood flow and nutrients to the injury site to promote healing and reduce pain and inflammation.

Even old injuries often leave scarring, and therefore, stagnation and toxicity to the injury site (this may be internal and invisible to the eye). Although the trauma may be old and no longer painful, it can still act like a powerful short-circuit (interference field) to the body’s ability to function effectively, resulting in physiological symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, sinus conditions and much, much more.

Using Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), we can determine which specific areas of the body are being affected by residual trauma, apply a bio-compatible bentonite clay pack to the area for approximately 10 minutes and then test to ensure that healing and restored energy flow have resulted.

ERT (Emotional Repolarisation Technique)

I am also qualified to administer ERT treatments. ERT is an extremely simple, yet incredibly effective, non-invasive method of identifying and eliminating emotional burdens, which can prevent healing in the body.

The mind-body connection is so often overlooked or disregarded when we think of health. Yet negative emotional responses can keep plaguing us years after the original trauma has passed. Significant events that can contribute to our emotional burdens include childhood interpretation, parental insecurity or abuse, divorce, accidents, financial loss, etc. The core beliefs and memories associated with these types of events can cause emotional stress to the body, eliciting fear, insecurity and negative responses. Not only does this prevent a person from moving forward in a positive way through their life, but over time, these emotional body burdens can lead to chronic illness.

Emotional trauma can be cleared within 21 days of consecutive Emotional Repolarisation Technique therapy, which takes only a few minutes per day and can be done in the comfort of your home or office.

First-hand Experience

More recently, at age 47, I now have first-hand experience with peri-menopause and moving forward into this next stage of my life. Yes, peri-menopause definitely has its challenges. But as a Clinical Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach and being my own ‘guinea pig’, I know that my daily food and lifestyle choices make all the difference in the world to my energy, sleep, joy and peace. If you’re going through this transition and struggling with menopausal symptoms, I can help, and I understand what you are going through. 

Christchurch-based, I have a wonderful hubby, 3 awesome young adult children, a crazy dog and 4 fish. Our blended family life is also in transition as our children move out into the world; the house is a lot more peaceful, but I miss them all! 

So that’s me really … totally nuts about nutrition, health and well-being, and helping amazing women like you succeed in overcoming their health challenges, learn to love their lives now and to feel good in their own skin. 

I look forward to meeting with you soon! 

What can you expect from your first visit?

Your first consultation with me in the capacity of Clinical Nutritionist, Natural Fertility Educator and Lifestyle Coach will be 2 hours long, giving us plenty of time to go through your case in great detail. Please bring a list of the supplements and medications you are currently taking. If you have them, it’s very helpful to bring along any medical test results (either conventional or naturopathic) that you may have done in the past. 

When you book your appointment, you’ll receive a welcome email with your intake forms attached. These include a comprehensive client registration form, a 3-day food diary and eliminations diary. You must fill in your forms and send them back to me at least 24-hours prior to your first consultation, otherwise we may need to reschedule. Having your completed forms before our meeting means I come fully prepared to your consultation and it maximises the time spent with you. 

During your first visit, you will be able to fully discuss any health concerns you wish to work on, and we will review your health in great detail. For many clients, further laboratory testing may also be recommended so that we can learn more about your body and how it works. 

At the end of your first consultation, we will discuss my findings and a plan of action. I will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan via email a day or two after your visit. This time enables me to fully consider your health concerns and how to best treat them. I am happy to follow-up with a phone call once you have had time to read and digest your treatment plan, to answer any questions you may have. 

Let’s start your journey. 

Which tests can you get done with me?

As a Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, I have innovative and precise laboratory testing carried out which is not offered within the conventional medical system. These tests help me identify the underlying root cause of illness, as well as providing tools for the prevention of disease. 

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Which supplements will you get through me?

As a Clinical Nutritionist, I know all too well: purchasing dietary supplements you can trust can be tricky. Many manufacturers of nutraceuticals focus far too much on marketing and fancy labels, rather than placing the majority of their resources where it matters most, namely the creation of a quality product.

Here at Give Me Life, I use only clinically tested, practitioner-only, professional nutritional supplements made from top-quality, live-source produce that are bio-compatible.

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The 3 Pillars of My Practice

No matter where you’d like to go with your health journey, I will always use a holistic approach. And at Give Me Life, ‘holistic’ does not just mean ‘whole-body’.
It also means you’re never alone on your journey, but you have my full support
to make sure you reach your goals!

What My Clients are Saying

I have worked with people from all walks of life and of all ages.


As a healthcare professional, I have chosen to register yearly with Professional Associations whose standards of practice ensure that I remain accountable to a governing body, and continue my professional education. I also work closely with complementary practitioners such as herbalists and acupuncturists.