Success story – I got pregnant with stage 4 endometriosis
Several months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and underwent surgery to remove the lesions. I was told by doctors that having stage 4 endometriosis could reduce my ability to conceive so I decided to work with Karen to reduce the risk of lesions returning while I tried to conceive. I also learned the Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness with Karen to increase my chances of conception. Karen provided me with dietary recommendations to reduce inflammation and risk of lesions, along with some specific supplements designed to reduce lesion growth. And 6-months later I am now pregnant.

Many thanks to Karen for all her help and advice. It was great!

Catherine, Age 29

Having been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis I decided to try IVF to help me conceive. My first attempt at IVF (prior to working with Karen) resulted in collection of 6 mature eggs, with 3 viable embryo which was not quite what we had hoped for. As implantation didn’t result in pregnancy, I chose to work with Karen, and for the past three-months I have improved my diet, reduced stress with specific lifestyle changes, and improved my nutritional status and fertility with targeted supplementation. And I’ve just had exciting results with my latest IVF egg collection – 9 mature eggs which resulted in 6 healthy embryo. My husband and I both feel this is because of the changes I have made by working with Karen.

Kate, Age 31

‘Learning the Symto-Thermal Method has given me new awareness of my body which I have found fascinating. Karen is so passionate about what she does and has a way of making it all seem so simple. I wish I had learnt this a long time ago!’

Olivia, Age 36

Learning the Sympto Thermal Method with Karen has been such a positive experience. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her warm and personable teaching style for what is a very personal subject, and feel so empowered with my new found knowledge! This should be part of every woman’s education!

Sharon, Age 31

‘My journey from severe PCOS back to menstruation and reproductive hormone balance with Karen has been life-changing for me. It has positively influenced every aspect of my wellbeing and I am so grateful for her support.’

Olivia, Age 36

‘My initial reason for seeing Karen was mainly for weight loss.  I have struggled all my life with my weight and at age 60 I began to realise my overall health was what was really important. From the first week of seeing Karen I noticed huge improvements in many areas of my health.  Consequently, my weight has reduced and I now have more of an understanding of how my body reacts to certain foods.   What I love most about my ongoing visits to Karen is the overall well-being checks that she continues to provide. These checks assess every aspect of my general health, weight, energy levels, digestive function, and even mood balance and mental health. I would thoroughly recommend Karen to any person who may have troubling health issues of any kind, or anyone at all who would like their body to function the best it can.’

Robyn, Aged 60

‘My partner and I are enjoying every part of our journey with Give me Life. Learning the Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness has been an instructive experience and I wish I had learned all that valuable information earlier in life. It should be part of every female’s education!

Karen has been supportive and considerate all the way and has made me feel comfortable with what can be a very intimate/personal subject.’

Valerie (38 years)

‘Karen Featherstone is an amazing Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach. When I look back on the time Karen has dedicated to my health, coaching me through when I was suffering from depression, struggling with overeating, and then when I developed Type II Diabetes, I can’t speak highly enough of her. The first time I saw Karen she put me on a good healthy eating programme and I lost 18kgs which was amazing. Then, as the years passed, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and I went into denial and started overeating again. Recently, I finally felt ready to face my health condition and have worked with Karen for the past 3 weeks doing a specific cleansing programme. It is fantastic and so easy to follow. I have already dropped 5kgs and have gone from feeling like “I wish I was dead “to feeling on top of the world. Watch this space lol! Thank you Karen you are amazing, I’m so glad you are in my life.

I would highly recommend Karen, she is so passionate about her work; you will not be disappointed if you pick up that phone make an appointment with her and start your journey.’

Dianne (59 years)

‘I have been following a specific eating programme with Karen, and for the first time in 20 years I have been able to overcome my addiction to V Energy drinks (they are full of terrible chemicals). I have lost 8 kg, my energy levels have gone through the roof, and I no longer have the brain fog, all of which kept me going back to those damn V drinks. Not only this, but I am consciously exercising for the first time in years as well. Following this cleanse programme has not only improved my health, but it has improved my stamina in business (I own several companies), and my wife is ecstatic that I have lost the ‘heart attack’ gut. One of the best things about my cleanse plan is that it is dead-easy to follow, and I can easily continue to follow it when I travel for work. If I can do it, so can you!’

Marc (48 years)

‘I have been seeing Karen for over 2 years. Karen is a fantastic practitioner. Dedicated and hardworking, she ensures she offers the latest up-to-date knowledge, and she does this in a supportive, warm and friendly manner.

Karen has offered me emotional and psychological support through the use of Emotional Repolarisation Technique (ERT), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); and nutritional and natural fertility support using the best range of nutritional products available. Today, I am almost off some serious medication and my family and I experience improved health and wellbeing from her nutritional advice.

I would recommend Karen to anyone looking to resolve any physical or emotional health issue. She is amazing!’

Becky (48 years)