‘Karen Featherstone is an amazing Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach. When I look back on the time Karen has dedicated to my health, coaching me through when I was suffering from depression, struggling with overeating, and then when I developed Type II Diabetes, I can’t speak highly enough of her. The first time I saw Karen she put me on a good healthy eating programme and I lost 18kgs which was amazing. Then, as the years passed, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and I went into denial and started overeating again. Recently, I finally felt ready to face my health condition and have worked with Karen for the past 3 weeks doing a specific cleansing programme. It is fantastic and so easy to follow. I have already dropped 5kgs and have gone from feeling like “I wish I was dead “to feeling on top of the world. Watch this space lol! Thank you Karen you are amazing, I’m so glad you are in my life.

I would highly recommend Karen, she is so passionate about her work; you will not be disappointed if you pick up that phone make an appointment with her and start your journey.’

Dianne, Aged 59

‘I have been following a specific eating programme with Karen, and for the first time in 20 years I have been able to overcome my addiction to V Energy drinks (they are full of terrible chemicals). I have lost 8 kg, my energy levels have gone through the roof, and I no longer have the brain fog, all of which kept me going back to those damn V drinks. Not only this, but I am consciously exercising for the first time in years as well. Following this cleanse programme has not only improved my health, but it has improved my stamina in business (I own several companies), and my wife is ecstatic that I have lost the ‘heart attack’ gut. One of the best things about my cleanse plan is that it is dead-easy to follow, and I can easily continue to follow it when I travel for work. If I can do it, so can you!’

Marc, Aged 48

‘I have been seeing Karen for over 2 years. Karen is a fantastic practitioner. Dedicated and hardworking, she ensures she offers the latest up-to-date knowledge, and she does this in a supportive, warm and friendly manner.

Karen has offered me emotional and psychological support through the use of Emotional Repolarisation Technique (ERT), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT); and nutritional and natural fertility support using the best range of nutritional products available. Today, I am almost off some serious medication and my family and I experience improved health and wellbeing from her nutritional advice.

I would recommend Karen to anyone looking to resolve any physical or emotional health issue. She is amazing!’

Becky, Aged 48

‘I have been seeing Karen for a range of health niggles over the past few years, and each and every complaint has been resolved. I also feel better overall after implementing the suggested dietary changes and supporting my body with the right supplements. Another ‘side effect’ of seeing Karen is reduced doctors’ bills because my overall health is much better!’

Ulrike, Aged 61

‘After having 3 children, our family is complete (for now), and I was looking for chemical-free birth control. My appointments with Karen have taught me how to read my own fertile signs. I am now confident in applying the sympto thermal method, feel in tune with my body, really enjoy the freedoms that go with it and love the fact that I am not consuming harmful chemicals. I might sound like a nerd, but it’s actually fun, charting my fertile signs! Also, it’s handy to be able to predict my next period to the day. Give it a try!’

Nani, Aged 34

‘When I was breastfeeding my twins, my energy and iron levels plummeted. I was feeling beyond exhausted. I could hardly cope with my everyday life of looking after 3 kids under the age of 2. Soon after seeking Karen’s help, I noticed a change. Not only did my blood test results prove my iron was recovering thanks to Karen’s meal plans and supplements. My energy levels improved slowly but steadily, I regained clarity of mind and my spirits were lifted considerably. I attribute these changes to Karen’s in-depth testing and awesome postnatal care plan.

It goes without saying that life is still ridiculously busy, but I feel like I’ve got the upper hand now.

If I have any more children, I will definitely consult with Karen for pre conception care (although I first have to convince hubby to have more babies 🙂

I can highly recommend Karen to any mum or mum-to-be!’

Nadine, Aged 32

‘Karen has been a caring and wonderful practitioner during the past year, she has offered her support always on my journey from adrenal fatigue to vitality. My improved health continues!’

Rachel, Aged 50

‘Two months ago I reflected on my general well-being and decided that, in spite of eating what I would describe as a very healthy diet, I still suffered from severe seasonal allergies, I still struggled with an irritable bowel and still had a pesky ten kilos refusing to budge. Clearly, I was far from the “healthy” I thought I was!

A fortuitous and very timely meeting with Karen has seen a remarkable change in my daily routines and patterns around food preparation and consumption. The first consultation with Karen was long and extremely thorough, followed by specific blood tests to ascertain a few root causes.  Karen’s professional but very personable manner made comprehension of my state of health very easy to absorb. No long-winded medical descriptions, just an honest and real conversation with someone who made me feel like I was her only patient that day. No hieroglyphic prescriptions to fill either. After two days of her careful consideration, Karen emailed me the list of her recommended supplements and a detailed plan for ways in which I could begin to alter my lifestyle as well. A very comprehensive overview of my “where to from here?”

The benefits of introducing supplements to support my intestinal tract and struggling liver functions (due to the removal of my gall bladder a long time ago) have brought about the biggest changes and now, two months down the line, those pesky kilos are slowly sliding off the smug face of my bathroom scales!! Clearly, my liver was in crisis mode and unable to process fats efficiently … even though they were “the good fats”… in sync with my “healthy” diet. My intestinal tract has settled and amazingly, my sleep patterns have too. My allergies, although still lingering, have subsided considerably and no longer have the debilitating effects they used to. I am still at the start of my healing so I’m not expecting miracles but I am definitely on my way to recovery.

Karen’s belief and passion for healing from a holistic perspective is clearly supported by her years of intense study and the dedication she brings to her practice. I look forward to continuing my journey with her and celebrating small increments in real health as we go.’

Jenny Foss, Aged 61

‘I’m so pleased and relieved that my path crossed with Karen. When I made my first appointment with her I was exhausted and suffering from adrenal fatigue and leaky gut syndrome, both becoming common with our busy lives. I’m thrilled to report that under her guidance within a few weeks I now feel amazing and I’m very grateful for her help and wisdom. Karen is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend her.’

Rachel, Aged 50

‘I now feel like I did 20 years ago when I first met my husband. I feel completely transformed!’

Jen, Aged 61