Natural Fertility Management

Discover the benefits of talking to an accredited Natural Fertility Educator. 

Who benefits from natural fertility management? The answer is simple: every woman (and their partner). Fertility Awareness involves learning about your own unique cycle and using that information to your advantage.  

With natural fertility education you can… 

  • choose chemical-free birth control 
  • time intercourse according to your fertile signs to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally … From those couples who use fertility awareness to time intercourse correctly, 88% will be pregnant after 6 cycles, and 98% will conceive within 1 year.’ [1]
  • find out about conditions which may inhibit your efforts of trying to conceive naturally 
  • make a step towards the best possible health for your future baby 
  • actively support IVF/ART treatments 

As a Natural Fertility Educator, I meet with you to work towards your goals, whether it is achieving or avoiding pregnancy naturally. My natural fertility help is always personalised and includes easy-to-apply, practical action plans, as well as on-going support to ensure you reach your goals. 


Pre Conception Care

Everyone wants to give their baby the best possible start in life. Pre conception natural fertility management teaches you how to improve fertility and affect the health and wellbeing of your future child.  

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Natural Fertility Education

From those couples who use fertility awareness to time intercourse correctly, 88% will be pregnant after 6 cycles, and 98% will conceive within 1 year. Let’s make a tailored plan for you. 

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IVF/ART Support

Working with me prior to IVF/ART can help improve egg/sperm quality, increase egg numbers and further factors to support a healthy pregnancy and best possible health for your future baby. 

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Male Fertility

Male factor infertility is responsible many couples’ inability to conceive. The good news is that male factor issues can almost always be overcome. Learn how to improve your sperm quality.  

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Chemical-Free Birth Control

I teach the Sympto-Thermal Method which, if used according to the instructions of an accredited Natural Fertility NZ Educator like myself, is as effective as condoms.  

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Conditions Hindering Conception

Whether it is reproductive disorders or hormonal imbalance, I offer holistic treatment options including dietary/lifestyle changes and supplementation to help you find resolution for your reproductive issues. 

Hormonal ImbalanceReproductive Disorders


[1] C. Gnoth, D. Godehardt, E. Godehardt, P. Frank-Herrmann and G. Freundl, “Time to pregnancy: results of the German prospective study and impact on the management of infertility,” 01 09 2003. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 17 01 2018].