Improve fertility and get pregnant naturally. 

Having a family is something we look forward to, however 1 in 6 NZ couples experience difficulties when trying to conceive naturally. Excitement turns into frustration and anxiety when it’s not as easy or quick to get pregnant naturally as you had hoped.   

But that’s enough bad news; here is the silver lining:  

From those couples who use fertility awareness to time intercourse correctly, 88% will be pregnant after 6 cycles, and 98% will conceive within 1 year. [1] 

How I Can Help You to Improve Fertility 

As a Clinical Nutritionist and Natural Fertility NZ Educator I will introduce you and your partner to successful fertility management principles. 3 key ways help you get pregnant naturally, regardless of how long you have been trying to conceive: 

  1. A thorough clinical assessment of your health history, diet & lifestyle 
  2. Recommendations, action plan & support of dietary & lifestyle changes to specifically improve fertility, as well as nutritional supplements and/or herbal therapies as required 
  3. Natural Fertility Education   

Natural Fertility Education – Timing is Essential to Get Pregnant Naturally

Success rates of trying to conceive naturally sit at only 20 – 25% for a healthy fertile couple each month! Natural Fertility Education teaches you to recognise your own unique fertile signs. This means you can time intercourse to greatly enhance your chances of conceiving. This information is extremely helpful, before, during or after other fertility investigations have been done. 

To put things into perspective … 

  • A study at a NZ fertility clinic showed that 74% of women had an inadequate understanding of their fertility [2]! 
  • Only 15% were consciously and accurately timing intercourse to maximise conception.  
  • More recent studies in NZ and Australia have strongly recommended that more information on fertility be made available to individuals and couples [3, 4].  

Why Natural Fertility Education?

As mentioned above, research shows that learning Fertility Awareness can reduce the time it takes to get pregnant: ‘From those couples who use fertility awareness to time intercourse correctly, 88% will be pregnant after 6 cycles, and 98% will conceive within 1 year.’  [1]

Learning about your unique fertility can also highlight conditions which may be affecting your fertility. 

Coming to see me can make trying to conceive naturally a lot easier and less stressful. 

If Things Don't Happen Naturally... IVF/ART Support

Deciding to undergo an assisted reproductive technology (ART) or in vitro fertilisation (IVF) doesn’t mean that alternative ART/IVF support is to be dismissed—on the contrary: 65 – 75 % of couples doing ART consult with a complementary medicine practitioner. You can proactively optimise the outcome of your ART/IVF treatment with this powerful combination of traditional medicine and my complementary ART/IVF support. 

Celiac Disease & Fertility

Celiac disease often results in multiple nutritional deficiencies, which in turn, can lead to infertility. If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease and you are struggling with your fertility, I can help.

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