Natural Fertility Education

Understanding your fertility can help you to conceive naturally.  

Don’t leave conception to chance. Whether you have been trying for a baby or are just thinking about it, I offer help getting pregnant. I can teach you to recognise your own unique fertile signs so you can improve your chance to conceive naturally. Natural Fertility Education can also highlight conditions which may affect your fertility. 

I am a Natural Fertility NZ Educator and we will meet 3 times to give you … 

  • private, individualised support for you (and your partner)   
  • expertise in interpreting your unique cycle  
  • pre-conception advice, including nutritional and lifestyle action points, hormonal testing & much more  
  • help getting pregnant: evidence-based methods 
  • specialised charts to record your fertile signs 
  • ongoing support 
  • the knowledge to implement chemical-free birth control in the future 
  • the opportunity to identify whether hormonal imbalance may be affecting your fertility 

Please note: Approximately 1 in 5 couples in NZ have found it difficult to conceive naturally. For some, help getting pregnant can be as simple as understanding their cycle. However, if you have been trying for a year, further investigations by your GP may be in order.