Avoiding Pregnancy—Natural Contraception

The Sympto-Thermal Method offers chemical-free birth control that works. 

Are you looking for a natural contraception option?  

Are you consciously choosing chemical-free birth control for your health? 

Would you like to rid your body of synthetic chemicals before trying to conceive? 

I can teach you how to confidently observe your own body and establish when you are fertile. With the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) you look at 3 signs of fertility (cervical mucus, sensation & basal body temperature) to help you establish your fertile window of each cycle. You can then choose to either abstain from intercourse or to use barriers during this time to prevent pregnancy. 


Symto-Thermal Method

Why choose the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM)?

  • It is a way of achieving chemical-free birth control
  • Used according to the instructions of an accredited NFNZ educator, this natural contraception method is 98% effective [1], [2] (the same as condoms) 
  • Endorsed by the World Health Organisation 
  • Does not affect your future fertility
  • The Sympto-Thermal Method can help identifying whether a hormonal imbalance is affecting your cycles and fertility 

Fertility While Breastfeeding

Using chemical contraceptives whilst breastfeeding can interfere with your ability to breastfeed; and worse pose a risk to your beautiful new child’s long-term health (synthetic hormones and other chemicals are passed onto baby directly through your breast milk). You can prevent this by learning how to use the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method (LAM) of fertility awareness to delay your return to fertility whilst breastfeeding.

By working with me you will learn how your particular breastfeeding pattern impacts on your fertility; and how you can prevent pregnancy naturally through the use of LAM or other suitable forms of fertility awareness during this precious time.

LAM, endorsed by the World Health Organisation and the NZ Ministry of Health, is 98% effective when taught by an accredited NFNZ educator.

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Future Pregnancies

If you haven’t yet started a family and wish to conceive in the future, learning the Sympto-Thermal Method can be really useful. Understanding your unique cycle and how to establish your fertile time means you increase the chances of conception. For many couples practising this chemical-free birth control method has minimised the stress and anxiety that can occur when couples are trying for a baby. 


Natural Contraception—How I can help

My job is to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the Sympto-Thermal Method and feel confident in your own ability to establish your fertile time during your cycles. To accomplish this, I meet with you 3 times and offer: 

  • Private & personalised support for you (and your partner) 
  • Evidence-based techniques 
  • NFNZ educator expertise in interpreting your unique cycle 
  • On-going support 


[1] Waiting for reference from NFNZ 

[2] T. Weschler, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, New York: HarperCollins, 2006, pp. 375-376.