Natural Endometriosis Treatment

Improve your reproductive health with an endometriosis diet and lifestyle changes.

Before I introduce you to the concept of holistic endometriosis help, I’d like to define the condition. Women suffering from this reproductive disorder have endometrial tissue (which normally lines the uterus and is shed during a period) outside of their uterus.  

One longstanding theory as to why this condition exists, is that backflow of menstrual blood through the fallopian tubes into the abdominal cavity causes the dysfunction. 

Research has also revealed that women with endometriosis have different factors that alter normal oestrogen metabolism in the endometrial lining. This is due to the enzyme ‘aromatase’, which converts androgens (male hormones) in the local tissue into oestrogen. This increase, in turn, results in growth of endometriosis lesions.  

The hormonal factors described above can stem from genetic factors, predisposing women to the condition. In fact, endometriosis is 6 to 7 times more prevalent among first-degree relatives of affected women than in the general population. 

However, if you are one of the women who are hereditarily affected, please don’t feel discouraged by the thought of battling your own genes. My natural endometriosis treatment, which includes lifestyle factors and a specialised endometriosis diet, can make a difference in every woman’s life. 

Holistic Endometriosis Help - How I Can Help

The goal of my natural endometriosis treatment is, in a nutshell, the reduction of the production of harmful oestrogens. This will reduce abnormal tissue growth and inflammation. At the same time, this holistic endometriosis support helps to enhance circulation and endometrial receptivity, and shrink endometrial tissue deposits. We can achieve all this with a targeted endometriosis diet and lifestyle/environmental changes. What’s more we might utilise specific nutritional supplementation and herbs* to reduce the hormonal stimulation that causes endometriosis to grow in the first place. Finally, a key factor in natural endometriosis treatments is addressing inflammation, since this is often a major cause of pain and infertility in this condition. 

NOTE: Depending upon the findings, I may recommend a DUTCH test (dried urine hormone test) so we can better understand which hormones are sub-optimal, and to what degree. 

* I am not a herbalist, but I work in conjunction with an experienced herbalist who can prescribe herbal preparations as required.