Holistic Fibroids Treatment

When it comes to managing fibroidsdiet and lifestyle changes can make a huge impact.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in the muscle layer of the uterus. There is no definitive answer for why some women get uterine fibroids. Before I introduce my holistic fibroids treatment, let’s look at risk factors. They include … 

  • Excess oestrogen 
  • Periods of unopposed oestrogen (when there is insufficient progesterone to balance oestrogens) 
  • Xenoestrogens (environmental chemicals such as those found in some plastics or pesticides which mimic the effects of oestrogen on the body) 
  • Family history of fibroids 
  • Being overweight 
  • Peri-menopause 
  • Early-age onset menses or lack of ovulation which provide unopposed oestrogen with more time to stimulate fibroid growth 

Further hormones to consider with holistic fibroids help ...

Traditionally oestrogen was thought to be the only growth promoter of the condition. However, now research also suggests progesterone as a fibroid growth stimulator. Other studies reveal that women with fibroids often have an increased production of the enzyme aromataseThis enzyme converts androgens (male hormones) into oestrogen. 

Non-hormonal Risk Factors for Fibroids: Diet & Lifestyle

A congested liver and poor digestion can cause fibroid growth too. If liver function is poor, clearance of hormones such as estradiol (a form of oestrogen) and conversion of oestrogen into weaker forms in the liver is reduced. If estradiol re-circulates through the body, it increases growth of fibroids.  

Diet can also be linked to this condition. A low-fibre diet, for example, is not beneficial for fibroids sufferers because lack of fibre decreases the elimination of hormones. Higher-fat and lower-fibre diets have also been linked to higher levels of estradiol.

Holistic Fibroids Treatment—How I can help

Uterine fibroids can be very difficult to treat clinically, and sometimes surgery is required. But a targeted fibroids diet and lifestyle action plan can be extremely helpful in managing fibroids. With my holistic fibroids help, checking your vitamin D levels, teaching you how to improve your gut and liver health, and helping you increase your insulin sensitivity and balance your hormones with a special fibroids diet. I may complement my holistic fibroids treatment with supplemental and herbal* therapies so we can help restore your body to a state of health. 

NOTE: Depending upon the findings I may recommend a DUTCH test (dried urine hormone test) so we can better understand which hormones are sub-optimal, and to what degree. 

* I am not a herbalist, but I work in conjunction with an experienced herbalist who can prescribe herbal preparations as required.