Natural PCOS Treatment

When it comes to managing PCOS, diet and holistic PCOS support can have a huge impact.

Before I propose a natural PCOS treatment, it is important to understand this common reproductive disorder which reduces a women’s ability to ovulate. 

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) results in cysts in the ovaries, which are follicles that have failed to undergo regular maturation and ovulation in previous cycles. While not every woman suffering from the condition has multiple cysts, all women affected have certain hormonal characteristics in common, and all have difficulties with regular ovulation.  

What causes PCOS?

PCOS often correlates with insulin resistance (where the body’s cells and tissues do not respond normally to the presence of insulin). This may be caused by lifestyle and diet. In a healthy body, blood glucose is converted into energy. However, insulin resistance prevents glucose entering the body’s cells. Instead, the excess glucose in the blood is taken up by the liver and converted into fat, which increases overall fatty tissue. Women suffering from PCOS are more prone to being overweight, but even lean patients have a propensity to insulin resistance. 

What’s more, elevated blood insulin (a response to high blood glucose levels) causes the ovaries to significantly increase production of testosterone. This excess, in turn, slows or stops ovulation, marking the beginning of anovulatory cycles. 

Finally, elevated insulin levels also affect the conversion of male hormones into oestrogen in the fatty tissue. Elevated oestrogen levels not only result in poor follicle development, and less chance of ovulation. It also causes increased sensitivity of the pituitary gland and increases Luteinising Hormone (LH). Elevated LH levels can promote further increases in testosterone production.  

Holistic PCOS Support—How I can help

My natural PCOS treatment is all about stopping the vicious hormonal cycle described above. With my supplemental holistic PCOS support we directly target your insulin resistance and improve hormonal balance. We’ll also put in place a specific PCOS diet and lifestyle changes. Working with me, will address the underlying cause of your health issues. We will focus on breaking the cycle of hormonal imbalance, enabling you to re-establish insulin sensitivity, and restore natural ovulation and fertility. Nutrition and the right PCOS diet are of the upmost importance in reversing this condition. 

NOTE: Depending upon the findings I may recommend a DUTCH test (dried urine hormone test) so we can better understand which hormones are sub-optimal, and to what degree.